Friday, July 27, 2012

Telangana - Now or Never by 2014

Thousands of lives lost . Lakhs of families affected. Crores of money spent. At last nothing has come out from the poilicitians on Telangana.

With the Congress battling allies, Anna Hazare team and its own folks .. it is unlikely Telangana will be formed anytime before 2014 elections.

Come Parliament elections, Congress will realize the importance of  '17 MPs' and might try to align with TRS / YSR cong to get the Seats.

What should be the reaction of Telangana people? Should they vote again for Congress?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Narasimha Temple - Bidar (Karnataka)

How to go to Zara Narashimha Temple, Bidar.

Narasimha Jhira/Zara Water Cave Temple enshrines the powerful deity Lord Narasimha on the wall at the end of a cave. Better to go with Towels as Men are allowed inside with Towels only. There is a natural spring inside and you need to wade through the water and at the end Lord Narasimha's darshan awaits you.

The temple is ten minutes drive from the busstand and there are lot of autos to take you there. This is a cave temple.

there is also a Rama temple and a small bathing area opposite to that. It is a good time pass for the locals.

Many villagers from Maharashtra, Karnataka visit these temple.

The temple closes early so plan for it

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Should KCR go to Andhra region

Off-late TRS supremo KCR is in touch with Jai Andhra leaders and supporting their movement for separate Andhra. KCR is also expected to participate in a meeting in Vijaywada. Is it necessary? Voice your views

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Congress Flip-Flop on Telangana - Resigns from JAC

Congress has done yet another Flip-Flop on Telangana - Resigns from JAC and wants to put the agitation in backstage.

It is time for Students, Intellectuals and NRI to tread a non-political path to achieve Telangana. If not there will not be any state called Telangana in the next millennium

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Software Industry Prefers Telangana!!!

Most of the Software companies operating out of Hyderabad wanted the Telangana issue to settle soon as they are most affected by bandhs and 'counter-bandhs' of the political parties.

With Telangana becoming a reality, the Software majors wanted the centre to declare Hyderabad as part of Telanagana so that work can go on without disturbance

Advantage Telangana!

Less Tax More Profit!
The IT majors in Hyderabad are of the opinion that they would get Tax sops similar to Uttarkand when Telangana is formed. They have also met some Telangana national leaders backdoor and were assured of full support for enhancing the services

Less Land Rates More Gain!
The Industrialists were also briefed by Telangana leaders that the exorbitant rates in hyderabad will be tamed down to suit the best for industry.

All in all it is win-win situation for industry if Telangana is formed!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

BJP the only party with a clear policy on Telangana

Andhra Pradesh citizens are watching a drama before them enacted by the politicians. TDP, Congress, PRP etc supported separate Telangana in the Assembly elections and confirmed the same when asked by Chief Minister days before the centre spelt out its verdict on Telangana. Once the home Minister statement came out , all these parties started fighting for ‘united Andhra’. Why this flip flop happened? Is it to entertain the Andhra audience with some passion and emotion.

Bharatiya Janatha Party (BJP) on the other hand were clear from the very beginning on the formation of Telangana.