Thursday, December 24, 2009

Software Industry Prefers Telangana!!!

Most of the Software companies operating out of Hyderabad wanted the Telangana issue to settle soon as they are most affected by bandhs and 'counter-bandhs' of the political parties.

With Telangana becoming a reality, the Software majors wanted the centre to declare Hyderabad as part of Telanagana so that work can go on without disturbance

Advantage Telangana!

Less Tax More Profit!
The IT majors in Hyderabad are of the opinion that they would get Tax sops similar to Uttarkand when Telangana is formed. They have also met some Telangana national leaders backdoor and were assured of full support for enhancing the services

Less Land Rates More Gain!
The Industrialists were also briefed by Telangana leaders that the exorbitant rates in hyderabad will be tamed down to suit the best for industry.

All in all it is win-win situation for industry if Telangana is formed!


Payal said...

Even I feel the same. I am working for a small design company in hyderabad. we had to lose five days of work last moth alone.,

though i dnot know much about Telangana, I feel Hyderabad geographically belongs to Telangana. It was ruled by Nizam so it should bne part of Telangana and the new state should be created as earliest as possible

Anonymous said...

Telangana will prosper without Andhrites. Telgangan will overtake Gujarat. It will be a model state.

Anonymous said...

Telangana parties shoul;d discuss with Google, MS and Yahoo and assure them they will get good benefit when Telangana is separated

Anonymous said...

Hello ! It is in Hyderabad and not in Telangana

Anonymous said...


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